日本ユネスコ協会連盟と三菱東京UFJ銀行が主催(後援:日本ユネスコ国内委員会)する『UNESCO ESD高校生作文コンテスト』に入賞した姜瑜羅さんが、この春休み中にヨーロッパ研修(パリ・ハイデルベルグ)へ!

-Beautiful Heidelberg, Germany-

The time difference between Japan, France, and Germany was 8 hours. On March 23rd, we arrived to Frankfurt Airport and it took 12 hours. Then we took a bus and moved to a hotel in Heidelberg. We prepared for tomorrow’s presentations and cultural interaction. The name of the school we visited was IGF. We prepared quizzes about calligraphy, tea ceremony, and Japan for the interaction time and German students experienced these activities. During the interaction time, students from Japan wore yukata (an unlined cotton kimono). Calligraphy was very popular among these activities and students brought their own piece of work back home.
5 students from Japan and 3 teams from Germany did their presentations. The topic of the presentation was ‘ESD activities in my school’. The presentations of German students were about the activities that they have done so far. When they were answering questions, they specifically explained the methods and steps that they used in their activities. I had a very strong impression that German students are very advanced. I had some doubt that the ideas and concepts of ESD became established in Germany and only activities were passed on. All the presenters used English as their second language and their presentations were individualistic. We also had a valuable time to go sightseeing in Heidelberg together with German students.

※姜瑜羅さんからの現地レポートを、KIS UNESCO Clubメイト、『アジア太平洋地域高校生8ヶ国国際フォーラム』で日英バイリンガル(日韓英のトライリンガル?)司会の重責を果たしてくれた、沈相宇くんが英訳してくれました。