日本ユネスコ協会連盟と三菱東京UFJ銀行が主催(後援:日本ユネスコ国内委員会)する『UNESCO ESD高校生作文コンテスト』に入賞した姜瑜羅さんが、この春休み中にヨーロッパ研修(パリ・ハイデルベルグ)へ!
研修の内容は、2014年3月22日事前研修会(於成田)、23日出発(ドイツ・ハイデルベルグへ)、24日UNESCO School訪問、25日パリへ、26・27日ユネスコスクール・UNESCO本部・UNESCO日本政府代表部・三菱東京UFJ銀行パリ支店訪問、29日日本帰国。
なお、姜瑜羅さんからの現地レポートを、KIS UNESCO Clubメイト、『アジア太平洋地域高校生8ヶ国国際フォーラム』で日英バイリンガル(日韓英のトライリンガル?)司会の重責を果たしてくれた、沈相宇くんが英訳してくれました。

-7 Days of Wonder in Europe-

The day I encountered other 14 students in Tokyo, was the day we rehearsed our presentations and orientation. We didn’t actually know each other well. During the rehearsal, teachers strictly pointed mistakes in our presentations and we had to practice several times. Harsh instructions from teachers made me feel more nervous and I felt that most of the students including myself couldn’t really practice well. The presentations of students who came from 7 different areas in Japan were very individualistic, which made me feel slightly nervous. Presenters in Germany practiced many times in the airplane and I felt that they were improving as we were watching each other’s presentations.
Through presentations and interactions in France and Germany, I realized that this world is so wide and immense. This journey also made me think what I want to do in the future. Moreover, when I go back to Japan, I was thinking what I should convey to everyone and what I should do. By applying for this ESD essay contest, I was able to participate in this trip and get opportunities to try new activities, which motivated me a lot. I will not act arrogantly just because I went to Europe and I will not forget my original intention. I will also be hungry for learning. I hope I can spread UNESCO activities within KIS and advertise KIS to the local community together with my friends. Thanks to this trip, motivation for my future and learning became much stronger than before. When I go back to school, I will report specifically about the trip to Europe to everyone. I believe that students in KIS will aggressively apply for this contest and experience a lot of things in this trip.

-From Paris with Joy-

We moved from Germany to Paris, France. Paris had a different atmosphere than Germany and there were many tourists in Paris. We visited a school in Paris. Even though the students of this school were busy studying for an exam, some of them kindly spared time on preparing for presentation and interaction. During the time of cultural interaction, together with the episode of earthquake in East Japan, participants from Japan sang 「上を向いて歩こう」(Let’s look up and walk). Some students burst into tears while they were singing this song. Thorough this interaction, I felt that France had a strong interest in Japan. We exchanged our contact address with students in both France and Germany and we built mutual relationships with them. We then moved to the UNESCO headquarters. 5 students (including myself) went to this headquarters for presentation. This was the last place of our presentations and we were extremely nervous. As we finished our presentations, we had some time to ask questions to Japanese employees of UNESCO and Mr. Engida, the Deputy Director-General. It was only a short time but it was a valuable time for us. Unfortunately we didn’t have plenty of time to ask questions, even though many students aggressively asked questions. We also visited the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Paris branch, which largely supported this trip. The bank was located in the building which Mr. Eiffel, who is known for building the Eiffel Tower, built. The building was so majestic! We ate Japanese foods and listened to a lot of stories from a bank worker who travels around the world. We didn’t have ample amount of time for sightseeing and we had to move quickly. I visited many famous landmarks in person, such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. I learned about the history of France in depth.